All the shit I’ve been through makes me feel like I’m 86 instead of 22

All that ain’t shit, hate & sick, dying of thirst it’s all on you

What I used to tell myself to not use my situation as an excuse

God put in hand around my neck, loosened the devil’s noose

sometimes I questioned God existence, scream is it true?

Mama pointed at a flower, she told me watch as it grew

day by day she watered the plant down like a misuse

from the dirt it rose like a rose from the ground it broke it’s truce

She compared to making it out of poverty

from dirt to beauty, with a mindset to never give up when you feel uncertainty

She told me the dirt is you leave your problems be

now go out their, achieve your dreams, earn degrees

show your kids and my grand kids anything is possible most certainly

use to your pain to put your kids in a state of glee


At 19 One problem i used to have was never getting over shit

almost lost it all cause I couldn’t get over it

Almost got kicked out of UMES my freshmen year for chronic drug use

It helped my cope with poverty, the death of my grandfather uncle, and God brother was my excuse

Yeah i used to do heavy drugs and major pills and shit

almost lost it all cause I could never get over it

felt the devil tightening my noose

flashes of my granddaddy dying in front of me before God broke it loose

in the form of reinstatement in school continue my education on some lucky shit

almost lost it all cause I could never get over it

three years later  at 22 I finally get my degree, my uncertainty threw up the truce

degree in m hand, hugging my cousins yelling finally all the stressing let loose

Glad I finally feel happy and shit

glad I didn’t lose it all cause I finally got over it


Now I reminiscence and telling my little cousins will be okay

the world will be a better place one day

all the lust, greed, murder, rape, racism, and poverty

will go way by God by establishing his diving sovereignty

I tell them my example even though I’m 22

I them them how I overcame addiction, poverty, loss, heartbreak but I still have nothing to lose

and in grad school, acting, writing with full knowing one day I paved the way for you.

22 11 choices in life I made multiply by 2 1 way tightens the noose the other is the dreams you always wanted for you




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