Disrespectful Swag Releases EP ‘B4 We Spin Ya Bend’

DMV rapper Disrespectful Swag releases today his new EP B4 We Spin Ya Bend. The EP, which marks his first solo project, features four tracks with Disrespectful Swag’s unique flow over production from K Make Hitz and Ace Bankz. The EP is now available across all digital service providers.

“You gotta sell a lot of water, bust a lil’ fire to win on this earth…meaning, at the end of the day if you stay true to your hustle, regardless of the trials and tribulations, you’ll win every time,” says Disrespectful Swag on the EP.

Kevin Anderson, better known as Disrespectful Swag is a native to the D.C. area, having grown up on the border of both Maryland and the District. Swag kicked off his rap career during the early months of 2012 with the group All Ready Gang. The group released the tracks “Workman” (2013) and “2 Strapped” (2014) with Major Money Music. Following their debut, the group dealt with many hardships, which led to difficulties to be active rappers in the industry. Now, Swag is ready to show the world his rapping abilities as a solo artist. He has joined a collective of independent creatives that produce everything in-house apart from occasional collaborations. Stay tuned form ore announcements.

B4 We Spin Ya Bend Tracklist

1. Water

2. Fire

3. Wind

4. Earth

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