DNA. The remixed poem

Bridge the gaps of our problems man

Happy justice got served but y’all wished for suicide of a man (Fuck Stephens)

Makes me fear where we going damn

Got pride, lust, and hate all in are DNA damn


I grew up as kid blind to the world

Kind of wish I was still watching cartoons, blind to the world

I wish that we find all the missing black girls

Makes me scared to become a father of a girl


I understand God made us born sinners only 4 my eyes

But there is too much abuse of God’s grace 4 my eyes

Trump claims him for 2 much lies

Behind money emblement, rape allegations, too covered up in lies they lie


I see angry white people discredit black lives matter

What’s the matter little racists too bad black lives matter

Hispanic boy I’m birthed from a black mother she’s a queen

White dude when I was six called her “ni**er” she walked away laughing like a queen


Grabbed me old me forget him you’re a king

“remember John words of peasants don’t get to kings”

I always utter those words to myself when things get to me

To remind myself nobody can be me


Find a girl you give the world to like your mother

But when it comes time the girl you love or your mother?

Decisions like these make a man uneasy

Then again life wouldn’t be fun and good things never come if it was always easy


Just don’t let social media make your decision

Other people tend to fuck up with your decision

Leave in a worst place than before

On purpose to leave you in worse than they were before


Asking everybody why are you like this, what did I do?

Telling everybody it was only you to do what I should do

I tell him with love comes hate in our DNA

remember both sides are ugly in our DNA.












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