Reactions to Ebro’s interview with Kodak Black’s shows continued ignorance towards sexual assualt

Ebro And Kodak


The “Ebro in the Morning” radio show is based in New York City hosted by Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez. It currently airs from 6 to 10 AM. Like “The Breakfast Club” and other shows, it’s a platform for music, comedy, and some controversial moments. Although mostly for angles and storylines, Ebro Darden has seen a few moments like that.

Well, he’s been a part of one again, mostly due to overreactions and a lack of common sense.

The other day, he interviewed Kodak Black on Hot 97, it seemed cool until this was said “With respect to everybody involved in that case, you know we can’t get into details today. But, you know, we take sexual assault here serious,” and then “We can’t get into details, but we hope to have you back so we can have a deeper conversation about that because it’s a serious topic.”

Kodak Black has a bad history with rape and it’s well known after this 2016 incident. He shook obviously and didn’t really want to respond. When he did respond, Kodak said this: “I feel like sometimes when n***as be going through s**t, lik , y’all be entertained by bulls**t”.

Ebro responded by saying: “We don’t have to talk about nothing else, we can be done right here,”.

And there it was, Kodak walked out. The reaction on social media was mixed to say the least.

So let’s break this down, Ebro is being attacked for what people think is being “messy” or just plain wrong. On the other hand, people are disturbed that Kodak couldn’t even answer the question. But on the other side of the perspective, Kodak walking out the interview is a “statement”.

Let’s talk about why he’s so uncomfortable. In 2016 Kodak was accused of raping a teenager. He even abused her and bit her. If convinced during his trial next year, Kodak can spend up to 30 years in jail. Which makes this very sad, the teenager reported it to a school nurse. So his victim was still in school, that’s unsettling.

Kodak’s response during the interview is a common thing to do. Blame people for putting the spotlight on you during a tough situation. But in this case, that mechanism doesn’t work at all. He raped someone. He didn’t get consent, he didn’t stop, and he was abusive during the process. Although not the most alarming issue, it proves how terrible public relations teams and even branding as a whole. Someone on his team had to expect this question. Not every radio show is for the giggles and just to talk about the music. What Ebro did was briefly and indirectly mention an issue, and honestly, he did it nicely; it could’ve been worse.

The bigger issue at hand is how people, especially black men are tone-deaf and ignorant towards sexual assault. To see people completely ignore what Kodak did is quite interesting. What Ebro did was not attacking him, it was keeping him accountable. Rape and sexual assault is something to not play with. And in the music industry, we’ve seen over and over of how people’s cases are neglected because they are a “legend” or has some hits.

According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, people ages 12-34 are the highest risk years for rape and sexual assault. Kodak added to that stat, sadly. The effect of it is not good either. 94% of women who are raped experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during the two weeks following the rape.

We might not know the victim but how is she feeling right now? She’s watching her abuser walk free right now and live life like it’s golden as she’s forced to recover and try to get over what happened. And to see black men defending Kodak, yeah let’s talk about that.

Not to down black men but there’s a horrific trend within our generations of rape, domestic violence, and just being plain perverts. Sadly, it’s still common. Trying to make an argument of “they are attacking us” or “people are always trying to down someone” while defending Kodak is rather stupid and offensive. And it’s quite contradictory to be ready to defend close family and friends for issues like this but won’t even look in the direction when it’s happening to someone else.

It’s contradictory to treat women close to them like queens but there’s still so many reporting of rapes and domestic violence incidents. I’m not downing us, but this Kodak situation once again proves of how some men still doesn’t get it when it comes to rape and sexual assault.

On a broader level, our generation has a terrible trait of being able to ignore problematic behavior and still support something. There’s no reason why people should be ok with listening to a rapist. Yes, people make mistakes but this example is just not good at all. Yes, there are examples of people falsely being accused but this case is different.

People should start seeing the broad full picture of anything they support. You can’t just pick and choose what problematic issue you want to ignore today. So if you’re busy attacking Ebro Darden, you have an issue. You are clearly ignoring the issue that is sexual assault. Yeah, Kodak’s music means a lot to many people but ignoring his problematic past is not what’s going to happen. This is not an attack on the rap community or even an opportunity to pull up on him. If you’re so riled up that you need to pull up on someone, pull up on Kodak who raped someone and doesn’t seem to be affected by it.

The time of ignoring toxic actions should be over. Checking them is not being extra, it’s the right thing to do.

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