King Hippo Invitational (Recap)

Sir E.U. Teams With One Love Massive For The King Hippo Invitational

Sir E.U has always been about supporting the youth culture. From DJ Marauder, NAPPY NAPPA, Matt Vista to Beau Young Prince and beyond there are so many people that Sir E.U has inspired or influenced as a friend, mentor or musical peer.

Powered by DMV media platform One Love Massive, The King Hippo Invitational was a concert held at Wicked Bloom last week. It was a small event held in the front section of the bar that  featured a strong lineup which  included Havana Seoul, Cal Rips, Left Fingers, Jay Cousteau, and Sir E.U.

E.U ignited the event  opening up the show. He had a short but enjoyable set that featured “A Walk To Japan” a hypnotizing alternative Hip-Hop record that gets better and better with each listen. I’ve been to three of so of his shows and that track always get a strong crowd reaction,   

Singing over a live guitar Left Fingers brought a refreshing vibe. His sound bordered between nostalgia inducing and nocturnal with submersive melodies that’ll make you want to dance your sorrows away in ecstasy, with snappy drum patterns and relatable stories about partying all night and living in the moment.

Cal Rips was next to perform. I’ve always been impressed by him. His rap skills are on point and he has an incredible life story that’s fueled his music. Cal didn’t stay for long but had a set that came off as charismatic and effortlessly cool. His performance of “Yows & Arizonas” was particularly impressive. Rapping with so much passion that I could feel every word he said especially when he closed of his opening verse with an acknowledgement of the late, great Avionadramida a superb lyricist who passed away way too soon but has a legacy that continues to live on.

Havana Seoul continues to grows on me every time I hear her music I become more and more of a fan. Her music is soulful, smooth and even elegant, rapping enlightened lyrics about her travels, experiences and self growth. Her picturesque songs paint the image of an artist truly in touch with herself. It was less than a month ago that I saw Havana perform at Jewel.’s show “The Kick Back” and the PG County delivered another solid set. Winning over me and everyone else in attendance with ” Forty” a breezy and earning guitar backed track that’ll take you on a ride.


Describing his sound as “New Industry” Jay Cousteau balances a perfect medium between raw and suave with hard hitting, turnt up tracks delivered with a casual, cold coolness. There were plenty of great artists on the lineup but the energy he had was unlike the others. Demanding and in your face without being obnoxious all of his songs for lack of a more complex word BANGS. Jay’s set included “Suprise” and “Groupies” two groovy records with modern drums and synths.

The King Hippo Invitational was a event that reminded me of the importance of providing opportunities for independent artists to perform and have their music heard. Being a independent artist especially in the DMV isn’t easy and show gigs are an essential part of building a loyal, authentic and supportive fanbase, you can’t fake live crowd reactions.

An artist, inspiration, influencer, pioneer, creative and event curator, Sir E.U does it all.


Enjoy the recap and check out the music featured below

Sir E.U

Left Fingers

Cal Rips

Havana Seoul

Jay Cousteau

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