Lakers Nation Reloaded


Are the Lakers making a comeback next season?

The NBA free agency started July 1st, 2018. The biggest headline in sports was where will Lebron’s next move be; stay with the Clevland Cavaliers or trade to a new team. Lebron told a select few before his shocking announcement but there was no signs or warnings of what was about to happen. Lebron signed a 4 year deal worth 154 million dollars with the Los Angeles Lakers. This is the biggest contract given on this team since Kobe Bryant signed. Personally, as a fan of the Lakers, I was not expecting this to happen.

This news shook up the entire conference divisions. He was now moved out of the western standings into the east which could potentially cause other teams to become very dominant such as the Celtics. Speaking of the Celtics, this trade could now spark the ongoing rival again between the Lakers and Celtics considering the Lakers now have a chance in having a great record for the 2019 season( maybe even a shot at the playoffs).

The Lakers also signed Lance Stephenson( one of LeBron’s biggest rivals), Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and JaVale McGee to one-year contracts and just recently signed Rajan Rondo giving up Big man Julius Randle. The Lakers still have Ball, Kuzma, Ingram and newly drafted rookie Moritz Wagner who averaged 10 points and 4 rebounds at Michigan. There is also rumor that Dwight Howard is interested in coming back to the Lakers and Kahwai has stated interest in the team. It seems like the Lakers have a good mixture of veteran/ seasoned players who can mold new and upcoming players already on the team.

The Lakers are considered the underdog of the NBA but with LeBron leading, Rajan defense and basketball IQ, Javele McGee and Lance Stephenson defense in the paint are great pieces to have an outstanding team. This is a great move for the franchise business wise. The revenue will probably be tripled of what is predicted for the season. Just with Lebron fans alone can bring a lot of profit to the franchise simply because of his name. He has super fans who follow him no matter what team and haters who just want to watch him fall.

He has a huge question mark on his back as to why he chose a team who in the past has had the worse record in NBA history, hasn’t been in the playoffs since 2013 and haven’t won a championship since 2010. As a Lakers fan, I cannot wait to see how the team chemistry falls together  to mold the Lakers into a unit. I can’t wait to see the first game and finally see a  come up from this long drought and tainted image for a successful run in the season.


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