LeBron James opens “I Promise” school

LeBron James just created a school. Yes, he’s still playing and yes it’s a public school. This man has opened a whole school in his whole hometown.

In partnership with the Akron Public School system, the ‘I Promise’ school is the newest school with APS and LeBron’s most charitable achievement to date.

Here’s the breakdown from the I Promise school website.

“The LeBron James Family Foundation and Akron Public Schools have partnered to design a brand new school for the public school students in Akron who need it most. A culmination of years of on-the-ground work and research-based interventions through LeBron’s I PROMISE program, the proposed I PROMISE School will be more than a 1st – 8th-grade academic institution. It will infuse APS’s rigorous curriculum with a STEM, hands-on, problem-based learning focus with LJFF’s ’We Are Family’ philosophy to create a complete wraparound for its students and their families

Committees of local leaders, educators, parents, and experts are currently forming in Akron that will determine many of the logistics of the new school. These committees will help guide every step of the school’s creation over the next several months and bring a master plan to the APS Board of Education for approval in October.

The I PROMISE School would open its doors in the fall of 2018 with newly identified third and fourth-grade classes while adding first and second grades the following year. By 2022, the school will be complete with first through eighth grades.” (I Promise School)

And here’s what he’s offering:

  • Free Tuition
  • Free Uniforms
  • Free Bicycle and Helmet
  • Free Transportation within 2 Miles
  • Free Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks
  • Food Pantry Access for Families
  • GED’s and Job Placement for Parents
  • Full College Tuition to the University of Akron

Overall, this is amazing. LeBron is an amazing human being who cares about where he’s from and who’s around him. In my next piece, I will break down why he’s been more influential to the Black Community than Michael Jordan.

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