Manage School , 9 to 5 and Build Your Dream

Manage School, 9 to 5 and Build Your Dream

Majority of young entrepreneurs  are faced with the struggle of making ends meet trying to live their dreams. I currently work a regular 9 -5 only making 41,000 year , while attending school- This is not my dream, but it help me get closer to my dream!. Some days it can be a challenge – this is my insight on how I handle those challenges.


Everyone 9 – 5 isn’t the same and sometimes it’s manageable – when I use to work in retail I could take off when ever . Having a corporate job come with corporate rules so it’s a little hard to be flexible.  How I try to stay on top of things are – On the weekend I schedule all of my post with using integrate such as Hootsuite. With Hootsutie you can schedule post for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I also have an intern where she’s able to keep up with everything I can’t.  An intern could be anyone you trust with social media knowledge. My intern is actually a friend sister, who is always free. I also use lunch breaks and 15 min breaks to catch up on business and school work.


To follow my dream I decided to finish my classes online. It give me the flexibility to study and create my own schedule. My schedule for school consist of study time Tuesday and Thursday from 5PM – 7PM. I am currently enroll in 4 classes. My #GirlBosses peers have a different way of managing school- one only take weekend classes and uses her weekdays to work on her custom design while working as a counselor in the early morning and the other is a Full Time student at VCU and she work as a 911 operator at night. She use her  weekends to work on her consulting business.

Entreprenues make sacrifices every singl but when I say it can be down it can be down no matter your schedule.


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