Maryland General Assembly Gives Green Light For $15 Minimum Wage

Lawmakers have voted to raise the Maryland minimum wage to $15. The change is coming in 2025.

By 2025 the cost of Minimum Wage Will Raise to $15

Maryland Raises Minimum Wage

Lawmakers have voted to raise the Maryland minimum wage to $15. The change is coming in 2025. The current minimum wage is $10.10.

Ricarra Jones of the Fight for $15 Coalition says:

“The Maryland legislature recognized that we need to do better by working families in Maryland and raise the wage floor. We are thrilled Maryland is joining other states that are fighting for fair pay so that hard-working residents don’t have to continue to struggle to support their children while working several jobs. We hope Governor Hogan does not turn his back on the working class and signs this bill.” – Ricarra Jones 

The bill passed the Maryland House of Delegates with a 93-41 vote. The Maryland Senate voted to pass the final version of the bill with a 32-13.

Governor Larry Hogan who opposes the bill, will not veto it and cannot anyway due to the number of votes in favor. The minimum wage will increase to $11 in January, then go up to 75 cents a year to $14 in 2024 and finally to $15 in 2025.

Small business with 15 or fewer workers will have to wait until 2026 to make the change. More time will be given to them to phase into this process. The minimum wage will go up 60 cents a year and workers will receive their $15 an hour in July.

According to the Maryland Center on Economic Policy, 90% of the affected workers are 20-years-old and 3 out of 5 work full-time.


Fox DC 

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