Teen Was Shot & Killed In Police Involved Incident In Southeast, DC


A man died after being shot in a confrontation with D.C. police officers Tuesday evening in Southeast Washington, authorities said.

In a statement, the D.C. police said the incident began about 7:15 p.m. when uniformed patrol officers went into an alley in the 3700 block of First Street SE where a group of people were standing.

When members of the group saw the officers, they ran and the officers pursued. During the chase one member of the group drew a gun, and officers fired, according to the police account.

The person who drew the gun was hit, and he was pronounced dead at the scene, the statement said. Police chief Peter Newsham, who went to the scene, said he appeared to be an “adult male.”

He was not named Tuesday night, pending notification of relatives.

Newsham said a gun was found at the scene. In a photograph it appeared to be a semiautomatic pistol.

The site is on the western edge of the Washington Highlands area and about 200 yards east of South Capitol Street.

None of the officers was hit by gunfire, police said, and none of the officers involved was named as of late Tuesday.

Newsham tied the incident to the presence of illegal guns in the city.

“We’ve got to get these illegal firearms out of our community,” the chief said.

“I don’t see any reasons why anybody needs to be standing in any alley with an illegal firearm.”

The fatal shooting was the second involving police in the Washington area in two days.

Police in Montgomery County shot and killed a man Monday in a confrontation in the Silver Spring area.

Verified Source: The Washington Post

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