The DMV Daily Q&A With WoahDee

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Three things we don’t know about you?

1. Liberian Descent but born n raised in Baltimore
2. Bowie State University Student
3. Got booked a week before move in day freshman year. (All blessings almost went down the drain and was Rey relapse.)

Define yourself in five words.


Favorite pre studio traditions?

Blunts, Henny or Patron, and the engenieer banging beats while I cross fade. Brings out that “WoahDee” Spirit

Pre performance traditions?

Rehearse, drink water, practice breathing and I always make sure I’m dripped in sumn slick.

Top five biggest musical influences?

Lil Wayne
Michael Jackson
Notorious BIG
Yo Gotti

In high school, how can you describe your senior year? What you remember happening the most?

Senior year I was getting ready to change my life around, that’s when I had transferred schools & started dominating the football scene there. Also wanted to focus more on sports then but music is wayyy better and it’s the gift Allah gave me Senior year I was playing catch up to try to graduate on time too lol thank My hs football coach and Guidance counselor they use to let me know what I needed to do to walk cross the stage.

Any Shout outs?

Shout Out DaDEnt & All My fans that’s been rocking wit me since day 1 the road to success getting shorter and shorter Just need y’all support & love to keep coming, Love y’all.

Name ten artists you want to work with.

It doesn’t matter to me as long as an artist come ready to put in work and do business, idc who I work with. Just better not be lazy in that booth.

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