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Livengoodlivin lives free with Free Love


Define your clothing Brand

Free Love is essentially a brand to encourage people of all backgrounds to be themselves in a monkey see monkey do world.

What is unique about your clothing brand?

I think my originality makes my brand so unique.  A lot of people have clothing lines where they piggy back off other established businesses and can only cater to a certain crowd, where as though my brand caters to every ethnicity and age group all over the world.


Who is the face behind it?

Devon R. Westray aka RaRa aka Rablo lol is the face behind Free Love.

Three things about we don’t know about you?

I use to write poetry, I graduated college with a 3.4 (political science degree), & I’m big on Greek mythology.


What events have y’all done pop ups at?

I’ve done two pop ups one for Tee Walk whose the owner of the brand Walk-Co & one called “The Come Up” for Amelah and Kalitia.

Describe Free Love in five words

Creative, Comfortable, Professional, Original, & Efficient

Any brands you want to collaborate with?

Bape & KITH are brands I would want to collab with, maybe Supreme.  I think Gucci & I could have a sweet ass collab as well.

Who or what inspired your brand?

My father inspired my brand.  He owns We R One just seeing him as a kid going to business meetings out of state, the luxury cars, the fun he had at being his own boss drove me to become my own boss.

Who inspired your business mind set?

A mix of my father, Jay-Z, & 50 Cent inspired my business mindset.

Biggest brand ambassadors? Who do want to be a brand ambassador?

My only brand ambassador at the moment is Ari Christie.  If I could pick a brand ambassador it would def be G Herbo, Glizzy, Key Glock, Gunna, Moneyman & Kaurreche.


Any S/Os?

S/O to my late friend Lil Chris aka C Diddy, Will, & my late mentor Gerald Roper y’all inspired me to be the man I am today. Also S/O to Flock & Swerve free y’all. Matter fact s/o to everybody whose been rocking with me from the jump love is love.

Find Them At:

social media IG/Twitter @106andspark my website is 

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