The DMV Daily Interviews: Leah Marie

Livengoodlivin Poses With Virginia Model Leah Marie


J- Who is Leah Marie? Give us a background about you!

LM – I’m a Virginia native & a single mom to a beautiful girl named Avaly. My favorite holiday is Christmas and my favorite season is fall. I love food, shopping and traveling. Im the sweetest person and I have a huge heart but I’m complex in every way and indecisive as hell, a beautiful disaster.

J- Where can we find you on social media?

LM- Instagram: leahmariebabyy

Twitter: leahmariebabyy


J – What is your modeling origin?

LM – I’ve been modeling on and off since I was young but the reason has changed over the years. At first, my mom told me I could model and make it, so I tried it. Simple. Through time that eventually fell into one of those things I used to do, a thing of the past. As I got older, I started to have less and less love for myself. Extremely critical and I felt like there’s a million things to be fixed. Some of that was people teasing me about physical features and some was me comparing myself to others and just knowing I’ll never be that pretty. In high school that mindset started to shift and then after having my daughter I truly started to appreciate and love myself. So I started modeling again because to me, my biggest fear is myself. So bring in front of the camera is confronting that fear. When you’re on set in front of the camera it’s just you, flaws and all. To me, it’s the scariest thing but it’s taught me to love myself more and more. That I’m beautiful, flaws and all.

J – Who are your biggest modeling inspirations and influences?

LM – Twiggy, Marilyn Monroe, Vanessa Paradis

J – What are some dreams brands and editorials you want to model for?

LM – My dream in my modeling career would be to be in a magazine. As far as brands I would want to model for, Gucci would probably be my number one because their ads always catch my eye. Vogue would be my number one magazine.

J – Why should brands pick you?

LM – I’m 4’11, all odds are against me in the modeling business. Be different, break records and help me show every other petite person that you really can be who you want in life no matter, what physical features you were born with.

J – If you could meet any celebrity dead or alive, who would it be and why?

LM – Aaliyah, because her music is raw and I could only imagine the type of woman she was.

J – What is your opinion on the modeling industry? Any ways you can see it improved?

LM – I think the modeling industry should give petite people more of a chance. Just because our height is on the shorter side doesn’t mean our dream isn’t just as big.

J – What are some tips for rookies breaking in the industry?

LM – I’m still a rookie myself, but if I could say something to the younger ladies trying to make it, I would say don’t ever stop  and be careful for creeps. Don’t let anyone ask you to do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to say no.


J – What are other things you do besides model?

LM – Work and raise my baby girl. I also love traveling so I try to travel as much as I can.

J – Where do you see you career in five years? Twenty years?

LM – Five years, I want to be on a magazine or in commercials.

Twenty years? I want to be helping my Avaly pursue whatever dream she has while hopefully still living mine.

J – Anybody you would like to shout out personally?

LM – God, shout out to him because of everything he’s blessed me with so far.

J -Finally, spell your name out with a word Leah!

LM -Leah






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