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Social medias 
Twitter- @MaleekMaliEmp
Instagram- @maleekmaliempire
Snapchat- @leekheem4

Three things we don’t know about you?

1. I can play golf.

2. I attend Towson University

3. SugarHill’s- “Rappers Delight” is the song the made me fall in love with Hip-Hop.

Define you in five words

1. Ambitious

2. Outkast

3. Trend-Setter

4. Athletic

5. Child of God in Disguise

Favorite pre-studio traditions? 
• Making sure all of my songs written down & finished, so I won’t waste studio time.
• Praying
Pre-performance traditions? 
• Rehearse my songs
• Pray

Top five biggest musical influences?

• Jay-Z

• Outkast

• Nas

• The Notorious B.I.G

• Kendrick Lamar

Define the music industry 

• A business melting pot full of creativity, competition, and fake love.

Artists and media personalities you like to work with more?
• The Breakfast Club
• Complex
• Mass Appeal
• Drink Champs
Also TheDMVDaily and The Lunchtable Blog Show.

Any Shout outs?

• Shoutout to Prince George’s County, Maryland

• Shoutout to Rage The Brand

• Shoutout to Towson University

• Shoutout to Producer Jesse James

What are you working on? 

• New project “Red Roses & Violent Nights”

• Child of God in Disguise Out Now On All Streaming Platforms!

Name ten artists you want to work with

• Kendrick Lamar

• J. Cole

• Drake

• Kanye West

• Pusha-T

• Rick Ross

• Wale

• Andre 3000

• Rapsody

• Jay-Z

Spell out each letter in your name with a word
M- magnificent
A- ambitious
L- levelheaded
E- extravagant
E- eclectic
K- kaleidoscopic

Check him out on spotify

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