The DMV Daily Interviews: Wolf Juice

Q/A with Wolf Juice

Five words that describe you
Wavy, intelligent, Black, wild, Wolf

How did you get interested in the arts?

I come from a family of artists. My mother was a seamstress and fashion illustrator and I have an uncle who’s a professional painter. The significance of the arts was always stressed in my household. I didn’t become a career graphic designer until I opened my first brick and mortar. It was the actual WolfJuice store. Brands wouldn’t open accounts for me until they seen existing merchandise in the store. So I got a jailbroken version of photoshop and started making my own graphic tees. Then I got good enough to get commissions and I work on projects for people.

How did you and Frankie link up and start the FranknWolf podcast?

Frank and I went to the same high school but weren’t friends; we were cordial. Both of us were young enterprising men interested in monetizing our art so we began to develop a  friendship. He played a few of my events and I sat in on a few of his recording sessions. I expressed to him that I intended on doing a podcast one day. I had no real plans to actually do it though. One night we were kicking it and he put the mic in front of me and was like, ‘You wanna do that podcast shit you were telling me about?’ and that was our first episode and we’ve been doing it since.
What are some of your goals for WolfJuice Studios and what services do you offer?
Our goals for FranknWolf Studio is obviously to develop the brand, optimize services and develop the space. One of our biggest goals is to make the space a community staple and groom artists.

You have more than 135 hours of podcast content on SoundCloud. How do you keep your show fresh and interesting?
I keep the show fresh by constantly complaining about it in post and actively trying to improve it. My goal with side A is the podcast is to mostly educate so I’m never worried about the subject matter we’re mostly concerned with the sound design and quality.

What are some podcasts you listen to?
Bodega Boys, Drink Champs, Handsome Rambler, Larry Wilmore, Small Doses, The Beige Phillip Show, Brilliant Idiots, Joe Budden, Joe Rogan, Hidden Brain, Fresh Air, For the Stress
I also listen to storytelling and documentary podcast like The Lost Cat Podcast, Serial, S-Town, Atlanta Monster, We’re Alive
How was it growing up in New Jersey?
Shit was real. It was adventurous and dangerous. I went through a lot;  I won a lot and I did alot of the wrong things. But I always looked jiggy doing it and I appreciate that part of my life.

The New Jersey art scene is…
Interesting, uninspired and convoluted. If you really look, you’ll find a good number of people doing cultural things that the masses can enjoy for the right reasons.

Who are some of your favorite rappers, artists, and designers from the area?
I fuck with the rappers who pay me. I fuck with the artists I work with and Yaya Fiya and Ling Ling Wolf of OTW Threads are my favorite designers out here.

Your life philosophy is…
My personal philosophies are constantly changing but I have strong principles that I’ve been living by forever, I’ll give you a few:
– Never trust anyone with no apparent vices.
– Develop a routine to increase productivity daily.
– Never acknowledge the accolades of your rivals.
– Be scarce with positive reinforcement.
– You cross me, you lost me.

Dumb things you did in your youth:
Gangsta shit

What were some jobs you had before making operating the company a full-time job?

I’ve been working since I was 15. The job I had before I started WolfJuice was management at a Tattoo Shop. That’s where I earned a lot of bones when it comes to pricing art in a service capacity. Even while I ran my company full time, I still got small part-time jobs here and there. It’s important to know when you need more capital and how to give yourself stability. You have to be flexible and willing to work in a space that may be uncomfortable but somehow serves a greater good.

Most difficult part of being a content creator?

Gaining notoriety and getting eyes on the content. That’s the eternal struggle. The creation part is easy.

If you wrote a memoir what would it be called? What part of your life would it be about?

It would be a collection and maybe I’d call it Black Wave

If you could choose an entrance theme song for whenever you walked in the room, what would it be?
TI – You Don’t Know Me

What anime universe would you want to live in?
Flip Flappers, not too dangerous but adventurous enough. 
I’m nothing without…

I’m not a fan of artists who…
Do terrible renditions of licensed franchise characters, especially the absurdly beautiful young women with terrible art and all of the notoriety.

Being a father has taught me…
True Love

How did you get into anime and what are your favorite movies and shows?
Saturday morning Anime on Sci-Fi network in the 90’s, Some recent favorites are Your Name and Inuyashiki.

The worst anime you’ve ever seen
Dragon Ball Z

What’s the deepest anime show you’ve ever watched?
Erased but many have affected me in enlightening and lasting ways.

In a past life, you were…
 A Champion

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