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J – Introduce yourself! 

K – I am CEO of Melange Management, 202Creates Studio Manager, and a Photographer. My role is to manage and develop talent models, photographers, videographers, and recording artists brand portfolios to develop and pitch their work to local and national brands.

J- What are your media origins? 

K- When I moved to New York, I began working working with Martin Brown Studios, and as I learned the fundamentals of photography I grew an interest to becoming a photographer. Then, I worked with other companies as a social media manager which led to finding a home with West Street Studios learning the ins and outs of the industry working with top agencies like Wilhelmina Models and Major Models.

J – Give us the concept of melange management, rates, and five things about you.

K – The idea of Melange Management rooted from the encouragement of my friends and clients to help them build their portfolios, especially, in the DMV.I felt there weren’t any platforms for artists to grow so with my knowledge of the industry I started a stepping platform for artists in the DMV and branching out to NY and FL to perfect their crafts. My rates are provided on my social media platforms.

Five things about me that no one knows: my favorite food is ramen. I love BatmanKing in Gallery Place. I also kayak once a week at Georgetown Harbor.

J – What music lyrics describes you? Any Dream vacations trips or travel destinations? 

K – “I can’t relate to my peers. I’d rather live outside I’d rather chip my pride then lose my mind out here”- Frank Ocean. This describes me best because in my life right now being 22 and CEO of my business a lot of people can’t relate to the sacrifices I have to make.

Berlin, Germany

Milan, Italy

Tokyo, Japan

Paris, France

Cape Town, South Africa

J – Opinion about the industry, your influences, and any shout outs? 

K – In my honest opinion, the entertainment industry today is really “clout” driven. I believe a lot of talent goes unnoticed because its doesn’t conform with popular media trendsetters or  associating actual talent with great artists because they don’t have an outstanding social media presence.

One of my biggest influences in my life is change because with change in my surroundings and change within myself it has effected my work and changed my perspective that its driven me to be the person I am today.

Shout out to the whole #MelangeTeam *squad*!!! and everyone who supports me!!


You can always find me at the 202creats studio over on I st in Navy Yard. – KLJ Photos

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