The DMV Daily Reviews: Stay Dangerous, Swervo & Astroworld

Stay Swerved With Good Music In AstroWorld

For these reviews, I’ve decided to review all of these in pairs because of the abundance of good music releasing. All three of these release gave me a similar feeling and I enjoyed listened to each of them over and over gain. While,  none of the music is particular deep; it is enjoyable to listen to and blast in your car. Now my take on all three projects:

Stay Dangerous With Good Music


With probably top three promotion of any album I have seen this year, I had expectations for music that made me want to smash the gas pedal and blast music at disrespectful levels. I’ll say Compton Bad Blood YG delivers with an album full of angry but fun to play bangers. YG channels a lot of early 2000s Nelly and Ludacris sound with a bit of 2018 production from his long time friend Dj Mustard.  Singles Handgun, Power, Can’t Get In Kanada, and 666 will literally be in my pre-game playlist for the rest of the year.  Overall, it’s what I expect out of YG, not deep but fun music to crank to

Final Verdict: 8.5/10



Chicago Emcee G Herbo popularity has been on the rise lately due to videos of him with his lady Ari, his new son, and overall goofy videos of him showing the personality that made people fall in love with who he is. His background however is more grizzly and dark as he portrays on his latest project Swervo. Herbo teams up with Southside to drop one of the purest trap projects I’ve heard in recent memories and I enjoyed it. He shows substance that goes along with a trap drum cadence and it is refreshing to see that his sound remains true to who he is. Some of my favorite singles on this project are How I Grew Up, Honestly, Some nights, and Bonjour. Solid project overall and I’ll look forward to G Herbo’s progression.

Final Verdict 8.5/10


Travis Scott heavily anticipated release for Astroworld doesn’t disappoint one bit! Literally one of the best produced album I’ve heard in the past three years with some amazing transitions per track.  It has been said that Travis Scott makes EDM hip hop music and I can’t disagree with that statement. While the not not be deep, the production and cadences of delivery makes this album one of the better releases of the year by far.  Is this his best album? Nope but it is very enjoyable to listen to. Definitely  worth the long wait. My favorite singles are Sicko Mode, Yosimite, Wake Up, No Bystanders, and Astrothunder.

Final Verdict: 8.75/10

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