Too Determined Team: Dzyna & Ca$he Shares Their New Project “2”

Dzyna & Ca$he will let you know, just like their name “TOO DETERMINED!” They just dropped a collab mixtape titled “2” hosted by Dj Dirty Migoo. The 2 came about basically Dzyna started doing music as a duo with his boy he grew up with named Fi’nes.

Ca$he was also apart of another duo when he began music. So sInce then they’ve had the mindset 2 heads are better then one, double up, go twice as hard etc. That brought our name which was TWO DETERMINED TEAM at first.

Later the Two was changed to Too to express how Determined. But the number 2 sticks wit the artist, to the point where every track name has the number 2 in it.

Check out their new 10 track mixtape on spinrilla along with the video intro to tape “ TOO DETERMINED” !

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