Who Got Now? Meet Artist JSO

About The Artist

JSO whose real name is Jeremy Strain Jr is a Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B recording artist born and raised in Hagerstown, Maryland. Also partially growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, he was introduced into the music scene fairly early in life. His father and uncle were DJ’s coming up in their younger years also followed by a few of his cousins in Boston being music artists which put him in a good music environment.

Growing Up

JSO has been experimenting with sounds in music since elementary school. He has been writing since age seven and started rapping at age ten, then began taking music seriously at age fourteen although he felt a passion for music before fully understanding the process. JSO’s music is based on Past and Current life experiences which displays his growth as an artist.

What Makes JSO, JSO?

JSO is described as very infectious, charismatic and modern. He has the imagination and ability to create and tell a story that translates in his music and that catchy sound that sticks to your head that is not to be forgotten. He’s always had this very unique, diverse and fresh style that’s open minded and genuine.


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