Why U.S. Employees Are Becoming Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs? Should you?

Hey you? Yes, you. Within the last 12 months, have you considered leaving your 9-5? If you have, you’re not alone. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, between June and December of 2017, approximately 3 million employees left their jobs each month. To put that in perspective, imagine the whole state of Florida slapping letters of resignation on their bosses’ desk. While these statistics aren’t surprising, the question arises – Why is every so fed up with their jobs?

If I could take a stab in the dark, I would answer with one word- freedom. I’m sure if we took a survey of what people’s idea of the “good life” is, they would say things like, spending time with loved ones, traveling, financial freedom, and working on their passions. Now, someone can correct me if I am wrong, but most of 9-5’s require us to spend less time with our loved ones, about 2 weeks of travel time a year, and not enough pay to knock out our college debt. Most importantly, most 9-5’s don’t allow us to pursue our passions. So what’s the antidote? 

I will take entrepreneurship for 300, please!

Granted- everyone is not cut out to run a business, but for many, the path of entrepreneurship can open so many doors and give people back the power over their lives. So, for those who had a lightbulb turn on in their head, let’s discuss some tips on how to start down the path of entrepreneurship.

1. Think about your ideal lifestyle.

Okay – we get it. Your job is restraining you from living your best life, but, what is your best life? Are you stationed in one area, or will you be able to run your business from your laptop, (I.E., freelance writers, online marketers)? Are you going to go to events with media influencers or work behind the scenes running a technology company? The opportunities are limitless.

2. Think about what you would love to do every day?

I think we can all agree that one thing we dislike about 9-5’s is the fact that we’re doing something over and over again that we don’t like. Sounds like torture right? Think of your passions? Do you love fashion? Are you good at web design? Making a list of what you love, can help you decide your path.

3. Think about what your purpose is in life.

A wise man once said that the amount of money you make is directly proportional to how many people you help. Not to get all Oprah on you, but we are all here on this planet to be a service to others. What’s your purpose? Unfortunately, the answer to this question isn’t going to fall out of the sky, even though that would make life a lot easier. You have to fearlessly explore your life and all the opportunities that come your way.

So, the moral of this story is – if you don’t like your job, you don’t have to plot on how you can kill your supervisor- there are other options! The thought may be scary but think about entrepreneurship. If you need an extra push, click here to check out the video I recorded after I quit my job. Don’t judge it too hard; it’s one of my very first Youtube Videos =).

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